Sunday, September 29, 2013

Who doesn't cherish those high school memories...the games, the cheers, the teachers, glee club, all the trappings of morphing from gangling kid to emerging adult?  Such a coming of age is the subject of "Not in my Wildest Dreams"...with the unlikely young man, Todd Earnword, having more to learn than any high school sophomore.  And Clementine Miles, saucy Clem in "What a Christmas!" is making sure he learns.
Take a sentimental walk back with me to the wonderful, carefree fifties, and laugh and cry and remember.  And smile.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two and a half cats

We had a dog and three children and the three children all left home and the dog died. Isn't this supposed to be the part where life begins again?
That worked for a season. Okay, we had those 'freedom' years...a few, anyway.
Suddenly we got older and spent some time recuperating and what's more therapeutic than a pet? Our kids had pets; dogs, cats, birds, horses, hamsters. They loved those creatures. Why couldn't we have some of that charming company?
So we got cats; two scrawny, ordinary short haired (abundantly short haired) cats.
That was over five years ago. Life has changed considerably for us. We now share our little retirement cottage with these two manipulative, egotistical super-egos on a pay on demand basis. They demand, we pay. In short, they own us. Not that they are ungrateful. Henry, the one and a half sized twenty one pound orange tabby, thanks me by rubbing my leg whenever I top off his food dish. If I'm wearing black, I get rubbed twice. Gracie, the one size cat, is easy to feed and brush and snuggle, and believes herself to be transparent by the amount of time she spends between me and my computer screen. Henry languishes on my mouse pad and with his leviathan tail swishes my resource books and notes and everything else across the office floor with a flourish.
Now I'm not complaining. I adore these two spoiled creatures to a fault. They own my computer desk, my kitchen counter, my green plants, my furniture, my throw rugs, my bathroom and my silly heart.
Sure, I am miserable when we're out of town because I worry about the lonely little monsters. Sure, we'd like to have nicer screens on the windows; ones without cat claw marks.
Sure, it would be nice to have chairs in the living room not labeled "cat scratching post".
But life's short. And Chippendale chairs don't purr and snuggle you and make you laugh and sigh and relax.
Cats rule. Surprise.

Monday, January 25, 2010

He Is God

I wish I was good.
I wish I always did what's right.
I wish I was brave.
And not afraid of darkest night.
I wish I could answer
Whatever problems come to me
And always be master
Controller of my destiny.

I want to be strong
Instead of quaking where I stand,
When something goes wrong,
I want to be in full command.
But I never can!
I try and try and always fail,
And now I know why-
Why on my own I can't prevail.

It's God that I need.
It's God who puts strength in me,
Who shows me what's right,
And leads me to my destiny.

Oh, why do we wait
And waste so much precious time?
Oh why do we walk
When God has made us for flying?

Our God shows us how.
He's given us everything.
He's hearing our prayers,
He's loving us now while we sing.

Rejoice with me now!
Rejoice and receive His love.
Before Him we bow,
To God, in the heaven above.
Rejoice with me now,
As to Him we offer all
Rejoice with me now,
As to our knees we humbly fall.

He is God.

(Barbara Roberts Jan. 2010) 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Talk across the pond

What if...a scene from "What A Christmas!"

What if?
What if we had a little innocent contest but it got out of control and lo and behold, we have a terrible crime?

What if the crime is the accidental death of a certain unpleasant neighbor's unpleasant fowl?

What were we thinking! 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A book-and-two-chats is fun about books on talk radio...across the pond.  Charming!
A Book and a Chat